UV Intervention Designs

For the past seven months I worked with Edith Cowan University as part of a UV Intervention study for the Cancer Council, to see how aware students around campus are about the dangers of UV and how to protect themselves.

Tasked as the designer of the group, I created signage to be strategically placed around the campus in order to inform people of the dangers of skin damage when the UV rating exceeds 3 and up.

During my time I produced 4 posters, a sticker, a custom cut, double-sided corflute sign and a bollard sign utilising the same colours and characters (improved) from when I designed the UV meter design.


The first stage of the project I made some posters to briefly illustrate when to act (UV 3 and above), where to find a UV meter and for additional information online. Shown in order of creation,  I favour the centre poster most of all whereas I had more time to define the character in a bit more detail.



Coffee Cup Sticker Design

This is the design for the sticker, sized at a 50mm diameter to fit onto coffee cup lids with a white space to still write orders onto. The idea was people would see the message up close on the lid as they drink their coffee.

Custom Corflute Signs



Here I designed double sided (sunny side and shady side), custom shaped corflute dog signs to be stuck around campus in garden beds and entrances in hopes to catch peoples attention.

Bollard Sign


Bollard Sign Design

The last design I made was of a bollard sign, folded into a triangle around a post, can show three different messages with the same overall meaning.


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