Illustration – Cancer Council Volunteer Work

I’ve been meaning to upload this for quite a while, but last year I had an opportunity to do client work for the cancer council through a vector illustration unit. I was surprised (also happy) my design was chosen for their UV meter sign and throughout last year worked with them to make a few minor changes (only to create a tradesmen version and change the logo) and waited as they tested how effective it would be through prototypes. Later on I got word they were going to be using it.

(Surprised being an animation major in a class full of graphic design majors being picked that is)

Hopefully I will find it out in the wild soon and take a picture to share here, but in the meantime I found it on their website (

CancerCouncil_UV_Meter_Signage_OriginalVersion_800x800(Final Version)


(Tradie prototype given to me)


These two are the earlier versions before having to change the logo for the meter sign, I believe the tradie version was made as stickers to put in certain places where tradesmen would notice (i.e. portable toilets)

Perth Airport UV Meter IMG_0593 - Copy

Edit: Here are two pictures of my sign out in the wild at the Perth airport and a school, I also had word there will be one at Edith Cowan University soon (where I studied)

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